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Drought forces Tunisia to introduce water quota system

March 31, 2023 at 12:08 pm

A picture shows a view of planted agricultural land near the sea in Tunisia [FETHI BELAID/AFP/ Getty Images]

Tunisia today introduced a quota system for potable water and banned its use in agriculture until 30 September because of drought, the agriculture ministry said.

It also banned the use of potable water to wash cars, water green areas and clean streets and public places, adding that violators will be punished.

The unseasonal change in weather has had a wide reaching impact with supermarket shelves across Europe laying bare because of the lower yield in North Africa. Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt play a significant role as exporters of fresh produce to the EU and Russia. With North Africa once known as the “breadbasket” due to its favourable climate and significant arable land along the Mediterranean coast.

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