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Tunisians at the forefront of migrants deported from Italy in 2022

June 16, 2023 at 8:29 am

Tunisian naval forces rescue migrants from the Mediterranean after the boats transporting them broke down while trying to reach Europe, in Tunisia on June 27, 2021 [Tasnim Nasri/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images]

An official source in Italy has said that authorities have deported over 2,300 Tunisian migrants who entered the country illegally, placing Tunisians at the forefront of migrants from the country in 2022.

Italy’s Nova news agency quoting Italian Ombudsman for the Rights of Detained Persons, Mauro Palma, saying that authorities have deported 3,154 foreigners of the 6,383 in deportation centres in 2022. He clarified that the majority of those deported were Tunisians, at 2,308 individuals, compared to 58 who were deported to Albania, 359 to Egypt, and 189 to Morocco.

Italy is seeking to reach an agreement with Tunisia to expedite deportations and increase efforts to prevent migrants from departing via its coasts. Human rights organisations in Tunisia criticise the forced deportation of Tunisians. While President Kais Saied has said that he refuses to see Tunisia play the role of border police in the southern Mediterranean. The Italian Ministry of the Interior estimated that over 53,000 migrants have landed on its shores by sea this year; the majority originating from Tunisia.

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