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Afghan Taliban reject rights group's concerns over security cameras in Kabul

September 1, 2023 at 7:54 pm

Mufti Abdul Mateen Qani, spokesperson of the Afghanistan’s Foreign Ministry [Social media/X]

The Afghan Taliban, on Friday, rejected Amnesty International’s concerns over the installation of cameras in the capital, Kabul, and other areas, saying these cameras are installed to maintain security, Anadolu Agency reports.

In a statement, Afghanistan’s Foreign Ministry called the rights group’s concerns “baseless”, rejecting claims of violating human rights, entering the private space and imposing restrictions.

“When the US and NATO were carrying out surveillance operations by placing balloons in all zones of the country, including Kabul, for their own purposes and intelligence information, then why didn’t the defenders of human rights and privacy raise their voice,” said Mufti Abdul Mateen Qani, a spokesman for the Ministry.

“Everyone knows, that installing security cameras is a security necessity not only in Afghanistan but in every city and capital of all the countries around the world. “The Islamic Emirate is also committed to maintaining security, protecting all the rights of the people, and taking into account all Sharia principles,” Qani added.

On Thursday, the rights group criticised the Afghan Taliban’s decision to install 62,000 security cameras and said it violated the fundamental rights of the people of Afghanistan, especially women in public spaces.

“If installed, this surveillance architecture would also erode the rights to privacy and freedom of assembly and expression, which have been under unprecedented attack since the Taliban came to power, resulting in the rule of law fading away,” said Matt Mahmoudi, Amnesty International’s Researcher and Advisor on Artificial Intelligence and human rights.

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