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Lebanon: Palestine refugees protest electricity shortages

September 2, 2023 at 11:28 am

Palestinian refugees in Beirut, Lebanon. [İdiris Okuduci – Anadolu Agency]

Tens of Palestine refugees from Al-Baddawi Refugee Camp in the Lebanese city of Tripoli on Friday organised a rally protesting the ongoing lack of electricity, Quds Press reported.

Refugees in many areas across the refugee camp have lacked electricity for four months.

They called for an immediate repair of the electricity grid supplying their refugee camp and an appropriate solution to their crisis.

Sources told Quds Press that tens of Palestinian families in the refugee camp had been deprived of electricity due to the ageing of the electricity grid, the theft of cables connecting homes to the grid and the weak transformer.

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According to the sources, several neighbourhoods inside the refugee camp have suffered from an electricity crisis for years.

Palestine refugee Samira Shinnawi said: “The lack of electricity in Al-Baddawi refugee camp aggravated our suffering. We demand proper electricity supplies to our camp again. Tens of households have no electricity since Ramadan.”

The refugee, who was quoted during her participation in the rally, concluded: “The high payments we pay for the electricity we buy from private generators is exhausting.”

Refugees have been forced to obtain electricity from private generators to compensate for the lack of supply from the government grid.

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