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In China, US senator calls on Xi to support Israel

October 9, 2023 at 2:47 pm

U.S Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer [Mike Steele/FlickR]

US Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer, today called on Chinese President, Xi Jinping, to support Israel after the Palestinian resistance’s military operation against the occupation state, adding he was “disappointed” that Beijing showed “no sympathy” for the country over the weekend, Reuters reports.

State media accounts of the meeting skirted Israel, instead focusing on the need for collaboration and mutual respect, and offering dovish remarks by Xi that could help lay the groundwork for a potential summit with US President Joe Biden next month.

Palestinian resistance fighters infiltrated Israel and took dozens of prisoners of war on Saturday. A number of their fighters remain at large in Israel. Israel responded by pounding Gaza, killing hundreds of Palestinians.

In response, China’s Foreign Ministry urged in a weekend statement the “relevant parties” to remain calm and to end hostilities to protect civilians, adding that

the fundamental way out of the conflict lies in implementing the two-state solution and establishing an independent State of Palestine

Schumer is leading a rare bipartisan congressional delegation on a trip to Asia, which also includes stops in South Korea and Japan. It aims to advance US economic and national security interests.

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“The ongoing events in Israel over the last few days are nothing short of horrific. I urge you and the Chinese people to stand with the Israeli people and condemn the cowardly and vicious attacks,” Schumer told Xi during their meeting in Beijing.

“I say this with respect, but I was disappointed by the Foreign Minister’s statement that showed no sympathy or support for the Israeli people during these troubled times,” he added.

Asked about Schumer’s remarks, Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Mao Ning said at a regular briefing that China was “highly concerned” about the escalation. “We are very saddened by the civilian casualties caused by the conflict, and also oppose and condemn such acts against civilians,” she said.

Mao said China was calling for a ceasefire to avoid more deaths.

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