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Iraqi Islamic Resistance claims responsibility for targeting US base in Erbil

November 3, 2023 at 5:17 pm

View of centre of a roundabout near Erbil’s International airport in the capital of Iraq’s autonomous northern Kurdish region on April 15, 2021 [SAFIN HAMID/AFP via Getty Images]

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq stated that the US military base near Erbil Airport was targeted by two drones on Thursday evening.

The Resistance faction claimed that the two drones successfully hit their intended targets.

The Islamic Resistance added that it carried out its operation in response to the Israeli military operation in the Gaza Strip.

A senior Pentagon official confirmed that US sites in Iraq and Syria have been attacked by missiles and drones 23 times during the period between 17 October and 30.

The United States previously carried out strikes on sites in Syria, which it said belonged to Iran and its allied groups, in response to those attacks.

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