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Inspired by stance of Palestinians against Israel, US influencer converts to Islam

December 1, 2023 at 4:34 pm

Nefertari Moonn, an American internet comic artist and fashion designer [Screenshot/X]

Nefertari Moonn, a US internet comic artist and independent fashion designer, said she converted to Islam after being influenced by Palestinians’ commitment and stance against Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip, Anadolu Agency reports.

Moonn, a 35-year-old resident of Tampa, Florida, told Anadolu:

I wouldn’t necessarily say that Israel had anything to do with me turning to Islam. It was solely the Palestinian people, and their courage and their faith that had me look into Islam

“To see all the devastation that the Palestinians are going through … and to see those still call out to Allah is devastatingly beautiful,” Moonn said.

I feel like if you see these people in what they’re going through in them being able to still keep their faith. You have to look into it and see what was contributing to people still holding on to God and holding on to their faith in calling now in their last words

she noted.

She described Palestinians as some of the “strongest resilient people” that she has ever seen in her life.

She said this resilience is stemming not only from “years and years of hardship in dealing with Israel”, but also from “something more” which she believes “has to do with Islam”.

“You’re seeing mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters lose their entire families and somehow, they’re still thankful for the small things they have. So, like others I was very intrigued,” she said.

Underlining that she has always been respectful of Islam and Muslims’ holy book, Quran, because her husband is a Muslim, Moonn said: “So, I feel like that maybe it was like a fate type situation for me in ways that something was always maybe calling me to Islam and obviously the situation finally pushing me into the religion and making it my own.”

She called out to Palestinian people, saying: “I want you guys to know that the whole world is fighting for you guys right now.”

“I know right now it could be hard because if you’re in it and you see the help coming but I really want you guys to understand that we are all praying for you,” she said, expressing hope for their safety.

The Israeli army announced, Friday morning, that it had resumed attacks in the Gaza Strip as a humanitarian pause that had been in place for a week came to an end.

The pause had begun early on 24 November  as part of an agreement between Israel and Palestinian Resistance group, Hamas, to temporarily halt the fighting and strikes in Gaza for the release of hostages and prisoners on both sides, as well as the delivery of aid.

More than 15,000 Palestinians, mostly children and women, have been killed in Israeli attacks since 7 October.  Around 1,200 Israelis have also been killed, according to official estimates.

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