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Filmmaker Bisan Owda mourns the loss of the historic Al-Omari Mosque

Palestinian filmmaker Bisan Owda recounts the devastating bombing of the Al-Omari Mosque in Gaza Strip. This ancient mosque, a pivotal site in the old city of Gaza, has been a symbol of cultural resilience and identity, tracing its origins to before the year 500. It has been a Palestinian temple, Yohanna Church, and for the last 700 years, Masjid Al-Omari. Bisan's narration not only conveys the architectural and historical significance of this mosque but also the personal connection and sense of ownership she feels towards it. Bisan forwards a heartfelt appeal that underscores the necessity of global attention and action to preserve these irreplaceable symbols of a people's history and identity.

December 9, 2023 at 12:03 pm