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Will colonialism return through the war on Gaza?

December 15, 2023 at 1:41 pm

Residents and civil defense teams conduct search and rescue operation around the rubble of the building that completely collapsed following an Israeli attack on houses belonging to Al-Deri family at the Nuseirat refugee camp in Deir al-Balah, Gaza on December 12, 2023 [Ashraf Amra – Anadolu Agency]

To act in good faith towards the West and believe their claims is the epitome of ignorance. The world has witnessed, for over three centuries, the Western colonial powers and their bloody history based on plundering, bloodshed and contempt for others. Their presence in the region today cannot be seen in a positive light. Many countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia paid a very heavy price to free themselves from the shackles of slavery and dependency. Allowing the Western powers to repeat their past actions could lead the world back to a state of subjugation and exploitation. The destructive wars and exploitation carried out by colonial powers have historically been driven by greed, power struggles and a desire for global domination, covered with a very thin veneer of development and civilisation. It is in the interest of the entire world, including Western societies, to resist and put an end to such aggression.

It is crucial to recognise that the current onslaught on the Palestinian people cannot be traced back to a specific date but rather as a continuation of the historical establishment of a settler colonial entity in the region. This entity, supported by the West and the United States, traditionally acts as a military base and a source of ongoing instability through the ignition of wars that have caused immense suffering for both Arabs and Jews. Yet, today many American thinkers and public opinion leaders stress the idea that Israel has no more strategic importance to the US, and the sole reason America is willing to risk its influence and image is internal politics. The pro-Israeli lobby, which has been very active in American politics, media and the academia, was able to legalise its activities and make itself immune which made many Americans, especially youth, ask the one-million-dollar question: why?

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The Western political elites, despite presenting themselves as civilised and modern nations, often rely on religious myths to shape their plans and projects. Recent statements by Israeli officials invoking religious prophecies to describe the ongoing war highlight this mentality. A prime example of this is the statement by Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, who declared that he would fulfil the “prophecy of Isaiah” in the current war, describing Palestinians as “children of darkness” and Israelis as “children of light”. Not only is this the case in Israel, but we all remember how former US President George W. Bush described his destructive and unethical war on Iraq, justified by the pretext of weapons of mass destruction, as a crusade.

The sick mentality that sees themselves as humans, while considering others as subhuman is deeply ingrained within them. Researchers will struggle in their speeches and writings to address this issue and, perhaps, the latest example of this was the statement by Israeli Defence Minister Gallant, who referred to Palestinians as “human animals”. This aims to dehumanise Palestinians, strip them of their legal and human rights, commit the worst kinds of massacres and genocide and systematically violate international humanitarian law against them, as we have witnessed for several centuries during Western colonialism.

As we see Israel, despite all its might and with all its world support, fail in the battlefield, we also witness its political project crumble, its propaganda shatter into small pieces, its narrative put on trial and its legitimacy is quickly dwindling, even among Jews and Israelis. In fact, misconceptions, malicious representation of Islam and Muslims, which are the sour fruit of the eternal confrontation between East and West, is also falling apart and more people, young and old, are more interested in knowing about Islam as they see the Israeli and Western moral bankruptcy and the Palestinian steadfastness.

Biden, who is not on good terms with Netanyahu, and who refused to receive him in the Whitehouse, found himself in a position where he has to stand behind his enemy, and provide him with all means of survival even if it means losing any chance in winning the next presidential elections. His advice and his generals’ advices on how to go about this war, based on American experience in Vietnam, Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan, meant nothing to the Israeli leaders, especially Netanyahu, who know beyond any doubt that his only chance of survival, although extremely slim, would be defeating Hamas and quenching Israeli thirst for blood and revenge, regardless of all the warnings, that this goal is unachievable.

Although, Israel has proved that it wields tremendous power over Western policies and intimidate Western politicians, this confrontation also proved that Israel cannot be an independent state in the true sense of the word, but rather a protectorate that enjoys Western protection and serves its plans and projects. Anyone who believes that Israel can, one day, be other than a colonial outpost is deluded and needs to reassess themselves before it is too late. Israel’s position in this global alignment orchestrated by the United States is well-known and should not be underestimated.

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