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Dispatch from Gaza: Farming amidst Israeli bombardment

Israel's ongoing siege and war on Gaza have taken a toll on Palestinian agriculture and farmers, some of whom continue to work their fields and greenhouses amidst the bombing.

February 2, 2024 at 12:28 pm

Palestinian farmers in Gaza have felt the impact of Israel’s ongoing siege and bombardment of Gaza, with many unable to work their fields or tend to their greenhouses, while some farmland has been razed altogether.

Farmers describe the difficulties they face in obtaining water or power for irrigation or cultivation of their much-needed crops as a famine takes hold in the besieged territory. Many have been unable to come to work due to the dangers and risks involved, while others work in fear having left their families alone during the ongoing war and bombardment campaign in order to provide for them and Palestinians in Gaza as a whole.

Since October, Israeli air strikes have destroyed some 85 per cent of buildings in Gaza and razed many cemeteries and agricultural areas.

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