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Palestine This Week: US/Israel, 'Who’s the f****** superpower here?'

Israel has increased its bombing of southern Lebanon, while preparing for its land invasion of Gaza's Rafah. In spite of the catastrophic consequences of its actions in Gaza, it continues to receive US support. Is Netanyahu right to believe that Israel, not the US, is the global superpower as he claimed in 2017?

February 20, 2024 at 6:00 pm

In this week’s review we take an in-depth look at the grim situation in Rafah, including Egypt’s preparations for an influx of refugees if Israel launches an expected ground assault. We’ll examine whether this constitutes the ethnic cleansing everyone feared after 7 October. We discuss the implications of prominent “Israeli moderates” rejecting a two-state solution, undermining Washington and other Israeli allies who hoped for an alternative to Netanyahu’s right-wing coalition.

In addition, we’ll analyse Israel’s military escalation in southern Lebanon, questioning if they aim to create a buffer zone there. Amidst all this, we’ll try to make sense of America’s ongoing financial and military support for Israel, despite reported disagreements between Biden and Netanyahu. From Rafah to Lebanon, Gaza to Washington, we’ll have insightful discussion around the latest developments in the region and why the US appears reluctant to pressure Israel, no matter how extreme its policies become.

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