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Meet the Gazans rescuing animals despite siege and war

As Israel’s war on Gaza continues for its 5th month, Sulala Animal Rescue stands resilient, offering sanctuary to struggling and frightened animals in the besieged territory. Established in 2006, the organisation, now solely upheld by its founder Saeed Al Err and family, champions the cause of the animals affected by the ongoing onslaught. Despite displacement and scarcity, they’ve extended their care from cats and dogs to donkeys impacted and overworked due to fuel shortages and food scarcity. Amidst echoes of distant bombs and constant drones, Saeed and his family’s unwavering compassion defies the odds, providing a vital lifeline for animals amidst the unprecedented levels of suffering in the enclave.

March 9, 2024 at 5:23 pm

In the heart of the devastating war that engulfed Gaza on 7 October 2023, Sulala Animal Rescue organisation continues its unwavering commitment to saving the lives of animals stranded in the besieged Strip without much shelter or food.

Unable to bear witness to the plight of stray animals starving in the streets of Gaza, Saeed Al Err transformed his daily feeding tours into the first registered animal rescue organisation in Gaza back in 2006. Sulala Animal Rescue has since weathered displacement and the ever-changing circumstances brought on by Israel’s war.

Initially supported by a small group of volunteers and Saeed’s family, the organisation now solely relies on Saeed and his family, as the intensification of war forced many to be displaced in search of safety.

Before the war, Sulala primarily cared for cats and dogs, but Saeed has since extended his efforts to include donkeys, recognising their plight amid the ongoing Israeli siege and the cutting off of fuel which has meant donkey-drawn carts have become a main mode of transport in Gaza. He has taken on the responsibility of purchasing donkeys from owners who are unable to care for them adequately due to overwork and food shortages.

Displaced multiple times, Saeed and his family were forced to leave the animals behind. However, in December one of the rescued dogs managed to find her way to Saeed, and not long after that many more dogs showed up.

Saeed’s commitment to the cause is evident, as he continues to evacuate animals to safer areas, creating makeshift shelters in open courtyards despite the hardships they face daily as Israel’s war continues unabated.

The Sulala Animal Rescue organisation stands as a testament to the resilience of compassion amid adversity. Saeed Al Err and his family continue to provide solace and sanctuary for animals caught in the crossfire. As bombs echo in the distance, the animals of Sulala find a breath of new air despite the odds.

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