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Egypt court presents merits of decision to execute Muslim Brotherhood leaders

March 21, 2024 at 1:01 pm

Egyptian flags in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. [Dan Kitwood/Getty Images]

The Egyptian First Circuit Court of Terrorism has presented the merits of referring the Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, Muhammad Badie, and seven others to the Grand Mufti for his opinion on the death sentence given to them for their alleged killing of a police officer and others.

According to the court, the group has used “force, violence, threats, terrorism, intimidation, and endangered people’s lives”, adding that once the Brotherhood assumed power, its henchmen revealed their ugly face and true goals which led to the outbreak of an “internal war”.

The court said the group’s interests preceded state interests and loyalty to the homeland, which plunged the country into the depths of an abyss.

“The people of Egypt had no choice but to reject the group’s approach and the former president so they rose to demand his removal and the eradication of his terrorist group,” it added.

The court said in response to popular opposition of the group and demands to remove it from power, the Muslim Brotherhood leaders supplied its members with various automatic and local weapons. These were taken onto the streets to attack civilians and police forces stationed at the October Bridge. Sharif Al-Sibai and others were killed as a result.

The Muslim Brotherhood won Egypt’s first democratic election in 2012, only to be ousted in a bloody military coup in 2013 led by then-Defence Minister Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi who has since taken over the presidency.

The Brotherhood has now been outlawed and most of senior leaders have been jailed on trumped up charges with mass trials being held where they are not allowed legal representation. Mohamed Morsi, elected president of Egypt in 2012, died in detention as a result of the abuse and torture detainees have come under.

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