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Israel minister: We will invade Rafah even if the whole world is against us

March 22, 2024 at 10:51 am

Ron Dermer, Israeli Minister of Strategic Affairs on November 6, 2021 [Bridget Bennett/Bloomberg via Getty Images]

Israeli occupation forces will eventually invade the Palestinian city of Rafah in southern Gaza and defeat Hamas, “even if the whole world is against Israel, including the United States”, Minister of Strategic Affairs, Ron Dermer, has said.

Dermer was quoted by Bloomberg as saying on a US online podcast yesterday:  “We are going to go in and finish this job, and anybody who doesn’t understand that doesn’t understand that the existential nerve of the Jews was touched” by the events of 7 October.

Dermer, who is close to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is expected to head to Washington early next week to discuss the Biden administration’s concerns that such an invasion could lead to more civilian casualties at a time when famine and disease are spreading in Gaza.

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