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Hostages' relatives attend Knesset debate with a display of blood and tape over their mouths

A video depicts families of hostages holding pictures of their relatives, dressed in white attire with red accents symbolising blood. Some of them have tape over their mouths as they attend a Knesset debate. Recently, Zahiro-Shahar Mor, whose uncle is a hostage in Gaza, disclosed that the Israeli government has issued a stern warning to families of hostages: 'Do not raise too much noise; otherwise, your family member could be demoted once a list is compiled.' Mor highlights the significant pressure from cabinet ministers to uphold silence within Israel while remaining active externally and avoiding contradicting the official government stance. He calls for international intervention, cautioning, 'The way things are going in Israel now, we're jumping straight head down to their base.'

April 3, 2024 at 4:00 pm