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Injured Palestinians have nowhere to seek medical care in Gaza City

May 1, 2024 at 9:49 am

A delegation of Kuwaiti doctors from different specialties visit the European Hospital and participate in various surgeries in Khan Yunis, Gaza [Doaa Albaz/Anadolu via Getty Images]

Gaza City has no operational hospital, while wounded Palestinians still seek somewhere to treat the injuries sustained in Israel’s bombing, MEMO’s correspondent in the Strip has warned.

“We urgently need several well-equipped field hospitals to cope with the catastrophic situation here,” Motasem Dalloul said.

It is not just a matter of injured Palestinians needing medical care for their wounds, Dalloul said, there are also hundreds of patients and wounded people in need for reexamination and follow-up treatment and those with chronic diseases. All of these cases are unable to receive the life saving or life altering care they need.

Israeli occupation forces have completely besieged Gza City and forced most of its residents to flee. Those who remain have been starved and left unable to access much needed food aid. In March, Israel surrounded Gaza’s main hospital, Al-Shifa Medical Complex, for two weeks, burning it to the ground and leaving northern Gaza with no working medical centre.

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