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Upcoming event: Academic Censorship in the UK

May 17, 2024 at 12:57 am

Join Middle East Monitor as we discuss attempts to silence debate on Palestine in UK universities with claims of anti-Semitism being regularly used to quash debate.

Our panel of experts will assess the mechanisms and methods used to subdue the Palestinian narrative; leading to the suppression of intellectual creativity and an increase of blind prejudice in society at large. We will be joined by Assistant Professor of Conflict Resolution Dr Brendan Ciarán Browne, who was recently a target of academic censorship over his work on Palestine, and Professor David Miller, a British sociologist whose research and publications focus on Islamophobia and propaganda. Miller was sacked by Bristol University for his anti-Zionist views.

Author Antony Lerman will also join the panel. Lerman has previously argued that ‘the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe is exaggerated … [as] a means of deflecting criticism from Israel.’

The event will take place in P21 Gallery, London, NW1 1JD on Tue 28th May 2024.

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