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Greek activists hang Palestine flag on Ministry of Development building

May 21, 2024 at 1:32 pm

A pro-Palestinian banner hangs on the Ministry of Development and Investment building, in Athens, Greece on May 20, 2024 [Costas Baltas/Anadolu Agency]

Employees at the Greek Ministry of Development yesterday hung a large sign bearing the Palestinian flag on the ministry’s building in Athens following a call for action from the workers’ union.

Alongside the Palestinian flag, the sign included the phrase “Stop the Massacre. Freedom for Palestine.”

The union stated: “We hung this sign on the building where we work to send a message condemning the genocide committed by the state of Israel.”

The union also demanded an end to the Greek government’s support for Israel.

Employees have also demanded the recall of the frigate HYDRA, which belongs to the Greek armed forces and is participating in the European Union’s OPERATION ASPIDES in the Red Sea. They pointed out that it costs €500,000 ($543,000) a day to operate the frigate.

In February, the European Union launched a maritime operation to protect commercial ships in the Red Sea and to deter Houthi attacks on israel-linked vessels as part of the Yemeni group’s support for Palestinians in Gaza.

Israel has killed more than 35,500 Palestinians in Gaza since October 2023 and has been accused of committing genocide at the International Court of Justice (ICJ). It has refused calls for a ceasefire and vowed to continue its military offensive in spite of the large death toll and its inability to achieve any of its war goals.

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