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Palestine This Week: Rafah is burning

Just days after the International Court of Justice ordered Israel to halt its Rafah offensive, occupation forces targeted tents housing displaced Palestinians, killing at least 35, many of whom were trapped and left to burn to death. Scenes from the attack shook the world, with Israel's staunchest ally, Germany, condemning its actions. Following the ICC and ICJ rulings, are things changing for Israel on the international scene? Tune in to this week's episode to hear insights from our experts.

May 28, 2024 at 6:00 pm

Join Nasim Ahmed and regular guest Mouin Rabbani for this week’s episode of MEMO’s weekly review show where we dive into the harrowing events unfolding in Gaza. In this episode, we discuss the recent attack on a UN-run “safe zone” in Rafah, where at least 45 displaced Palestinians were killed by 2000lb bombs dropped by Israel on tents sheltering displaced Palestinians. Nowhere is safe for Palestinians who, since 7 October, have watched their homes, schools, hospitals, mosques and churches razed to the ground.

We’ll also explore the intense fighting in northern Gaza, the alleged capture of Israeli soldiers by Hamas, and the international legal landscape following the ICJ and ICC’s demands for Israel to halt its offensive and application for arrest warrants. With European countries now shifting their stance and Germany’s strong response, the global reaction is intensifying.

The podcast also explores the historical bias of the ICC and the image that it only seeks prosecution of African leaders and the challenges faced by its chief prosecutor, Karim Khan, in changing the court’s image. Lastly, we address Israel’s decision to withhold tax revenue from the Palestinian Authority as a punitive measure.

Tune in as we also discuss why the US and UK have doubled down on their unwavering support for Israel despite mounting pressure from international bodies and how we should interpret President’s Biden’s pier in Gaza being washed away.

Don’t miss Rabbani’s insights on the impact of these developments and the broader implications for international justice and accountability.

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