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Knesset minister receives envelope with suspicious powder

June 11, 2024 at 10:05 am

Israeli Knesset member and Health Minister Uriel Busso in parliament, Jerusalem [@BussoUriel/X]

Security at the Israeli Knesset yesterday evacuated Health Minister Uriel Busso from his office after he opened a suspicious envelope containing an unknown powder, according to local media.

Maariv newspaper said: “The envelope was found in a pile of mail that arrived at the Israeli minister’s office.”

“The floor on which Busso’s office is located in the Knesset was closed until the matter was clarified, and the envelope has been put inside a sealed container designed for cases like this and will be taken for examination at the Biological Institute.”

The Shas Party minister was examined by a paramedic and was not found to have any symptoms, the news report said.

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