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Palestine This Week: The Nuseirat camp massacre

Reports from Gaza appear to show the US's humanitarian pier was used to assist in the massacre of Palestinians Israel carried out on Saturday in order to release hostages held in Nuseirat camp. Is this a victory for Tel Aviv or just further proof that Washington has blood on its hands? Join this week's discussion.

June 11, 2024 at 6:00 pm

Up to 275 Palestinian civilians were slaughtered by Israel during its raid on Nuseirat camp  Disguised as aid workers, Israeli Special Forces, led an onslaught on a refugee camp and secured the release of 4 Israeli hostages. The bloody move has further tarnished America’s image and credibility in the region. Palestine This Week with Nasim Ahmed and Mouin Rabbani delves into what happened in Nuseirat camp and the implication of it. While Israel claims victory, the low number of hostages freed, 4 out of 120 in Gaza, pales in comparison to the number freed during the last ceasefire in November 2023, which came about through negotiations with Hamas. Allegations have also been made that the US pier, which was constructed to deliver humanitarian aid into the besieged Gaza Strip, may have been the lynchpin for Israel’s offensive.

In this episode, Ahmed and Rabbani also explore the irony of Israel being added to the UN’s list of child rights abusers, which puts it alongside Boko Haram and Daesh. Other key topics include shocking revelations of torture and sexual abuse at Israel’s Sde Teiman detention centre, the US House vote to sanction the ICC instead of Israel, the resignation of Israeli War Cabinet minister Benny Gantz, and the Flag March hate rally in Jerusalem, which saw mostly young Israelis chanting genocidal slogans. The episode concludes with an examination of Saudi Arabia’s efforts to cultivate a more pro-Israel curriculum despite global public opinion increasingly turning against the apartheid state, as well as the US’s role in enabling Israeli war crimes by urging Arab allies not to set deadlines for a post-war two-state solution.

Tune in for an insightful and thought-provoking discussion of these critical issues and more in this week’s MEMO review show with Nasim Ahmed and guest Mouin Rabbani.

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