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Pope warns of potential dangers from AI

June 14, 2024 at 7:48 pm

Pope Francis attends the session on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Energy, Africa-Mediterranean of 50th G7 summit in Apulia, region of Italy on June 14, 2024 [Barış Seçkin/Anadolu Agency]

Pope Francis, on Friday, warned of the potential dangers from artificial intelligence (AI), Anadolu Agency reports.

Addressing a session dedicated to AI, Pope Francis underlined that AI signifies “a true cognitive-industrial revolution” which will lead to “complex epochal transformations,” according to the official Vatican News agency.

Acknowledging that the transformations have the potential to be beneficial by democratising the access to knowledge, advancing the scientific research and reducing the demanding and arduous work, Francis also pointed out the possible negative consequences such as causing the greater injustice between advanced and developing nations or between dominant and oppressed social classes.

The Pope also underlined that the algorithms used by artificial intelligence to arrive at choices are “neither objective nor neutral”.

“Algorithms can only examine realities formalised in numerical terms,” Francis said.

Furthermore, he emphasised that AI is always shaped by the worldview of those who invented and developed it.

“Against this background, what is needed is the development of an algor-ethics, a series of global and pluralistic principles which are capable of finding support from cultures, religions, international organisations and major corporations,” the Pope remarked.

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