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Aswany insists on remaining in Egypt

Alaa Al-AswanyAlaa Al-Aswany, the well-known Egyptian novelist and has said that he is coming under increasing pressure much more than during the Mubarak era, media sources reported on Friday.


1,300 Tunisian students involved in jihadist groups in Syria and Iraq

Gaza students

The results of a poll conducted at the University of Tunis published on Thursday have revealed that nearly 1,300 Tunisian students are currently involved in jihadist organisations outside Tunisia.


El-Baradei: Law without justice becomes a tool of repression

Mohamed El-Baradei

Egypt's former presidential candidate Mohamed El-Baradei has entered into the ongoing controversy over Egypt's judicial decisions, saying that law without justice is nothing but a tool of repression.


6 April movement calls for mass strike on 11 June

Ahmed Maher

Egypt's democratic youth movement, known as 6 April, has called for a mass strike on 11 June to protest the lack of freedom, deteriorating economic situation and escalating poverty in the country, which it blames on the policies of the ruling government.


Azhar chief to meet leader of French extreme-right party

Leader of French National Front party, Marine Le Pen

The head of Egypt's Al-Azhar university, Ahmed Al-Tayeb, has agreed to meet leader of the French National Front party Marine Le Pen.


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