Wednesday, October 14 2015

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Mubarak's sons due to be released

Former President, Hosni Mubarak

A Cairo court yesterday ruled that the sons of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak could be released as their terms have now lapsed in the legal case known in the media as the “presidential palaces case”.


Egypt’s external debt rises to $48.1bn by June

The Central Bank of Egypt

The Central Bank of Egypt said yesterday that the country’s external debt has increased by 4.3 per cent or $2 billion to reach $48.1 billion during the fiscal year 2014/2015.


Ali Belhadj calls to dissolve the PA and resist the occupation

Vice-President of FIS, Ali Belhadj

The Vice-President of Algeria's Islamic Salvation Front (FIS), Ali Belhadj has called on the Palestinians to dissolve the Palestinian Authority, stop coordination with the Israeli occupation and unite behind the resistance.


Algeria closes private TV channel over ‘subversive interview’

Algerian security forces

The Algerian security forces yesterday shut the privately owned El Watan TV channel after an interview with an Islamic extremist who threatened President Abdelaziz Bouteflika during an interview broadcast by the channel, a source at the channel said.


OIC supports national dialogue in Sudan

Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has called on the Sudanese parties that did not participate in the national dialogue conference which began on Saturday and those that still carry weapons to “invest in this opportunity to achieve peace in Sudan by participating in the comprehensive national dialogue process”.


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