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Egyptian public debt up $26bn in a year

Central bank of Egypt

Egypt's public debt is reported to have increased by 200 billion Egyptian pounds ($26.2 billion) to reach 1.9 trillion Egyptian pounds ($0.25 trillion) by the end of September 2014 compared to 1.7 trillion Egyptian pounds ($0.22 trillion) at the end of the same period in 2013.


New Sisi leaks exposes UAE support for military coup

Egyptian President Abdel Fatah Al-SisiVIDEO

Egypt's Mekameleen TV channel released a new leaked audio recording exposing how the UAE supported and funded the military regime in Egypt and helped them and other civilian movements to stop the Arab Spring there.


Libya's Tobruk-backed army slams UK diplomat

Mark Lyall Grant The command of the Tobruk-backed army on Saturday denounced remarks made earlier by a British diplomat before the United Nations Security Council on Libya.


Arab revolutions faced by 'stagnant global capitalism'

Samir AminArab thinker Samir Amin said on Friday that the Arab revolutions are faced by a "stagnant global capitalism" that opposes the emergence of new democracies and the peaceful transfer of authority in nation states. "This capitalism deviated the track of the revolutions in a number of the Arab countries," he was quoted by Anadolu.


Egypt sentences four Brotherhood members to death for HQ violence

The former headquarter of the Muslim Brotherhood, vandalised and destroyed by anti-Brotherhood mobsAn Egyptian court on Saturday sentenced four Muslim Brotherhood members to death - two in absentia - over charges of killing demonstrators outside the group's headquarters in 2013, a judicial source has said.


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