Monday, October 05 2015

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Trump: Middle East would be more stable with dictators still in power

Donald TrumpUS Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said on Sunday that the Middle East would be more stable if dictators such as Muammar Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein were still in power in Libya and Iraq.


UN suspends humanitarian intervention in Syria

Steffan de MisturaThe United Nations on Friday suspended its planned humanitarian operations in Syria because of an increase of military activities in concerned areas of the war-torn country.


Clinton calls for safe passage and no-fly zones in Syria

Hilary ClintonWould-be US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton called on Friday for the establishment of safe passage and no-fly zones in Syria as an attempt to solve the refugee crisis, has reported.


Washington to withdraw Patriot missiles protecting Turkish border with Syria

The Pentagon, USAWashington has confirmed that as scheduled in October it will be withdrawing American Patriot missiles deployed in Turkey in the summer of 2013 to protect it from potential rockets fired from Syria despite the developments in the country, the Pentagon has revealed.


Pentagon chief: Russian action in Syria is pouring petrol on fire

US Secretary of Defence, Ashton Carter

US Secretary of Defence Ashton Carter has said the United States is concerned over Russia’s “contradictory position” in Syria and that the Kremlin’s decision to conduct airstrikes at the request of Bashar Al-Assad is “tantamount to pouring gasoline on the fire”.


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