Wednesday, September 02 2015

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‘Complicated’ security and political situation in Algeria

James Robert Clapper

The director of Algeria’s Al-Ra’ed Centre for Studies, Suleiman Shnin, has expressed his belief that his country is heading towards a “complicated security and political situation”, Anadolu agency reported on Monday.


Israeli energy stocks drop after Egyptian giant gas field discover

Gas tanker sea ship

Israeli energy shares fell yesterday a day after Italian energy group Eni SpA announced the discovery of what is potentially the largest natural gas field in the Mediterranean off the coast of Egypt.


US army demands Shia militia leave Ramadi

US soldiers in Iraq

US forces in Iraq yesterday demanded the Shia Popular Mobilisation Crowd to leave the Sunni dominated city of Ramadi in the Anbar province.


UN chief regrets sentencing of Al-Jazeera journalists in Egypt

UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moonThe United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon has expressed deep regret over the Egyptian court’s decision to uphold the sentencing of three Al-Jazeera journalists.


Hamas calls on Ban Ki-moon to resign

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moonThe Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement called on Thursday for UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon to resign after he blamed Hamas for breaking the first temporary truce during Israel’s 51-day offensive against the Gaza Strip last summer, Safa news agency has reported.


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