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Haaretz: Israeli ambassador is persona non grata to US administration

Ron Dermer

Israel's Haaretz newspaper said that the US views the Israeli ambassador to American, Ron Dermer, as a persona non grata due to his role in coordinating a controversial speech delivered by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Congress two days ago.


Netanyahu's popularity rises after US speech

Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has potentially achieved one more seat in Parliament following his speech in the United States according to a poll conducted by the Israeli television channel Channel 2.


Kerry: Demanding Iran’s defeat not the way to conclude a nuclear deal

US Secretary of State John Kerry

Demanding Iran's capitulation is no way to get a nuclear deal with it, US Secretary of State John Kerry warned yesterday.


Killer of 3 Muslim students in US may face death penalty

Chapel Hill Victims, USACraig Stephen Hicks, 46, who killed three Muslim students in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, may face the death penalty, a district attorney general has said.


Netanyahu warns US against 'nuclear nightmare' if 'bad' Iran deal is made

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at CongressIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu yesterday warned the United States against signing a "bad deal with Iran" that could spark a "nuclear nightmare" and put Israel at risk, the Anadolu Agency reported.


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