Tuesday, October 06 2015

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Unidentified jet trails Turkish F-16s along Syrian border

Turkish F16An unidentified MiG-29 fighter jet trailed eight Turkish F-16 jets while they were on patrol near the Turkish-Syrian border on Monday, the Turkish military has said.


Britons arrested for supplying ineffective military devices to Iraqi army

An Iraqi soldiers at a checkpoint using ATSC's ADE-651 [file photo]Britain’s Ambassador to Iraq, Peter Frank, announced on Monday that a number of British citizens have been arrested for supplying ineffective military devices to the Iraqi army, Anadolu has reported. The ambassador made his comments at a press conference in Karbala; no details of the sentences were given.


NATO calls on Russia to stop attacks on Syrian opposition and civilians

Jens Stoltenberg NATO yesterday has called on Russia to immediately stop its attacks on the Syrian opposition and civilians and “to focus its efforts on fighting the Islamic State terrorist group”.


Qatar, UK discuss Typhoon purchase deal

UK Eurofighter TyphoonsThe UK has been discussing the sale of Typhoon Eurofighters as part of a scheme to develop the defence systems of Gulf states, the British Ambassador to Qatar Nicholas Hopton revealed yesterday.


Russian fighter jet violates Turkish air space

Turkish Foreign Minister Feridun Sinirlioglu A Russian fighter jet was intercepted by Turkish warplanes after violating Turkey’s air space, the Turkish foreign ministry said Monday.


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