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Saudi restores diplomatic links with Sweden

Margot Wallstrom Saudi Arabia decided on Friday to restore diplomatic links with Sweden by sending its ambassador back to Stockholm, Al-Arabiya News Channel has reported. The move came after the Swedes apologised for the recent crisis with the Saudi government.


EU keeps Hamas blacklisted despite court ruling

EU Member States' flagThe European Union decided on Friday to keep Hamas blacklisted despite a December court ruling that said it should be removed from the "terrorist" list. The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement was put on the list by the EU in 2003.


Turkish medical NGO opens branch in Gaza

File photo of a Palestinian child being seen to at a clinic in Gaza during Israel's offensive last SummerA Turkish medical NGO opened a branch in the Gaza Strip on Friday with the aim of assisting the blockaded Palestinian enclave's ill-equipped medical institutions, Anadolu has reported. Speaking at the opening ceremony, the community head of Earth Doctors reminded the audience that the territory is besieged by land, sea and air.


Far-right Dutch MP calls on EU to let 'jihadists' travel to Syria and Iraq

Geert WildersVIDEO

The far-right Dutch MP Geert Wilders has called for European countries to allow "jihadists" to travel to Syria and Iraq, Anadolu has reported. The leader of the Party for Freedom told a press conference in Vienna that the policy of having travel bans on Muslims wanting to go to the two Middle Eastern countries is "the most stupid thing and should be changed". He appeared with his counterpart from the Austrian Freedom Party, Heinz-Christian.


Cameron and Miliband debate the UK's hot issues

Labour Party Leader Ed Miliband

Prime Minister David Cameron and Labour leader Ed Miliband faced a grilling from veteran interviewer Jeremy Paxman last night, in the first of the debates and interviews broadcast in the run up to the general election.


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