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Two guilty of assaulting pro-Palestinian activist

Andy Simons after the attack [left] / The attackers [right]VIDEO

Two members of an extremist Jewish organisation have been found guilty of assaulting pro-Palestinian activists in London.


Italy begins naval drills off Libyan coasts

File photo of the Italian Navy rescuing strandad illegal migrantsItaly is to begin annual naval drills near the coast of Libya on Monday amidst fears of terrorist attacks by extremist militants in the region, various new agencies reported.


Erdogan welcomes 'call on terror group to disarm'

Recep Tayyip Erdogan A call towards disarmament of the Kurdistan Workers' Party, or the PKK, marks the realization of a key expectation of the Turkish government but what matters is implementation, said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday.


Turkey condemns ISIS kidnapping of Christians in Syria

Coptic ChristiansTurkey harshly condemned Saturday Daesh attacks on predominantly Assyrian Christian villages in the northeast Syrian province of Hasakah, where the group is thought to have kidnapped dozens civilians.


Belgium to send 35 soldiers to Iraq

Belgian F-16Belgium is to send 35 soldiers to Iraq to help train the Iraqi army in the fight against ISIS, AFP reported on Friday. The troops are expected to leave today on a six-month tour of duty in a "secure location", a government statement revealed.


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