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Easter Mass in Iqrit - returning in death and returning in life

Easter Mass in Iqrit - returning in death and returning in lifeEXCLUSIVE IMAGES

As with all major religious festivals, Easter in celebrated enthusiastically in Palestine. For Palestinian Christians Easter is one of the main annual celebrations, whilst in cities such as Ramallah, Bethlehem and Jerusalem where street marches take place large numbers of Palestinian Muslims also take to the streets to share in the festivities. Ramadan and Eid and similarly enjoyed by the Christian community in a celebratory manner.


First female candidate decides to run for president in Lebanon

Nadine MoussaNadine Moussa has officially become the first Lebanese woman to run for president in Lebanon, despite the fact that observers say she has little chance of winning the election or of challenging the patriarchal politics in a country governed by an entrenched, sectarian and feudal regime that is dominated by political interests.


Israel recruits Arab Christians to serve in the army

Israeli soldeirs at the apartheid wallIsrael is to start inviting Arab Christians to enrol in the army "on a voluntary non-binding basis", the Israeli army recruitment department said yesterday.


Haniyeh welcomes PA reconciliation delegation


Hamas welcomes the Palestinian Authority delegation's visit to the Gaza Strip to reconcile differences and end the internal split, Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh said yesterday.