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Suppression of popular will caused war in Yemen, says Brotherhood

A typhoon fighter jet of the Royal Saudi Air ForceEgypt's Muslim Brotherhood has blamed the suppression of popular will as expressed in the Arab Spring revolutions for the current war in Yemen, reported Anadolu on Friday. Condemning the imposition of certain agendas by force, the movement said on its website that it is "monitoring" the situation.


Abbas aide calls for 'Decisive Storm' against Gaza

Mahmoud AbbasMahmoud Al-Habbash, the religious advisor of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas called on Friday for the Saudi-led alliance, which is attacking Houthi militias in Yemen, to attack the Gaza Strip, the official PA news agency Wafa has reported.


Yemeni Islah Party declares stance on 'Decisive Storm'

Houthis at the scene of an airraid searching for survivorsThe Yemeni Islah Party has expressed its sorrow at the Saudi-led coalition attack on the Houthi rebels and called for all parties to enter into dialogue to solve the country's political problems. The third strongest political party in Yemen said that the situation there has resulted from the failure of all parties and the other main actors to reach political solutions. A source attributed this to the insistence by some groups on resorting to the use of force in order to resolve differences.


Bethlehem runners hit the wall

Bethlehem MarathonEXCLUSIVE IMAGES

Some 3,200 international and Palestinian runners took to the streets of Bethlehem yesterday to highlight the Right to Movement campaign.

The participants ran 10k, half and full marathons in the sunny Palestinian city along the Separation Wall to showcase how limited Palestinians are in the West Bank.


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