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Poll: British public twice as likely to blame Israel as the Palestinians for ongoing conflict

British Public Opinion PollTwice as many British adults blame Israel for the failure to achieve a final settlement as they do the Palestinians, according to a new poll commissioned by Israel advocacy groups.


ITN Solicitors: UK government review of Muslim Brotherhood clears them of any links to terrorism

ITN SolicitorsBelow is the full text of the press release by ITN Solicitors. MEMO has also published a statement from the Muslim Brotherhood on this matter earlier today.


Muslim Brotherhood: Britain's investigation proves we are not associated with terrorism

David Cameron with Mohammed MorsiThe Muslim Brotherhood stated that the British government's investigation into the group's activities proved that the group is not associated with terrorism.

In a statement issued yesterday, the Brotherhood said: "The lawyers representing the group have been informed that the investigation ordered by British Prime Minister David Cameron regarding the group's activities proves that the group has no link to any acts of terrorism."


Irish parliament passes motion urging government to recognise Palestine

Averil PowerThe Upper House of Ireland's parliament yesterday passed a non-binding motion calling on the Dublin government to recognise the State of Palestine, making it the third European country to throw its weight behind Ramallah's unilateral statehood bid in less than a month.


Saudi remains silent about Iranian threats

Shia cleric Nimr Baqir Al-NimrSaudi Arabia has yet to issue an official statement following comments made by Iran regarding the death sentence on Shia Saudi Shaikh Nimr Baqir Al-Nimr.