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Activists in London demand justice for Palestinian prisoners

Palestine Solidarity CampainIMAGES

International activists staged protests in London and other major cities around the world on what is known as Palestinian Prisoners' Day, which this year fell on Thursday, to express solidarity with Palestinians imprisoned by the Israeli occupation.


New EU restrictions on Egyptian agricultural exports

EU ComissionThe EU Commission in Brussels has issued a new decision to double check the Egyptian agricultural exports to countries within the EU.


Morocco sentences British paedophile to 20 years in prison

Moroccon FlagA Moroccan Criminal Court sentenced on Tuesday a British man to 20 years in prison on charges of attempting to kidnap and rape three minors, a judicial source reported.


Labour Party leader Ed Miliband: The basis of the success of negotiations is the recognition of a Palestinian state

Ed MilibandThe basis for the success of the negotiations between the Palestinians and Israelis depends on Israeli recognition of a viable independent Palestinian state, living side by side with the State of Israel, the leader of the British Labour Party and opposition Ed Miliband said.


EU: Syrian elections 'parody of democracy'

EU Member States' flagsEU Foreign Affairs Ministers said on Monday that the planned Syrian elections would be a "parody of democracy" if carried out only in areas under the regime's control.