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Vatican envoy to Damascus criticises media's neglect of the suffering of all Syrians

The Vatican's envoy to Syria, Mario Zenari, has criticised some media outlets for focusing only on the events occurring in the Kurdish city of Ayn Al-Arab, also known as Kobani, without mentioning the suffering of Syrians in other cities, Vatican Radio reported on Thursday.


Israel looking to secure entry of settlers to Al-Aqsa

An Israeli parliamentary committee will on Monday look into recommendations regarding securing the entry of settlers to Al-Aqsa Mosque, despite the ongoing protests.


Hamas says latest operation in Jerusalem was carried out by one of its members

The Islamic resistance movement Hamas announced on Thursday that the Palestinian who slammed his car into Israeli settlers on Wednesday was indeed one of its members, but did not officially endorse the operation, Anadolu news agency reported.


ISIS gains control of new area in Ramadi

ISIS FightersMembers of the Anbar Operations Command announced on Thursday that Islamic State (ISIS) forces gained control of Al-Bakr neighbourhood in Al-Hit, west of the Iraqi city of Ramadi, after security forces and tribal fighters withdrew from the city.