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IS used cluster munitions in Syria

File photo of missles being fired in the conflict with Islamic State and the governmental forces of Syria, Iraq and Iraqi KurdistanIslamic State fighters have used ground-fired cluster munitions in at least one location in northern Syria in recent weeks, Human Rights Watch said today.


Israel demands formation of bilateral committee to supervise entry of construction material to Gaza

Palestinian border police monitor a truck containing building materials entering the Gaza Strip (file photo from 2012)Israeli sources reported Sunday that the Israeli authorities have not changed the regulations imposed on the entry of goods and construction material into the Gaza Strip through the Karem Abu Salem crossing, despite the passage of five days since the cease-fire agreement signed with the Palestinian factions went into effect.


Fatah: The status quo will not continue

Palestinian boy standing on wreckage of house 2014The Mobilisation and Organisation Commission of the Fatah movement has issued an internal statement for its leaders and cadres in the West Bank announcing steps to be taken by the movement in the near future as part of its path towards independence and national liberation.


2,600 people killed in Syria last month

Syrian fighters in tanks 2014Some 2,591 Syrians died in August, most of them killed by regime forces, figures published by the Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) showed.