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Davutoglu denies that Israel used a Turkish base to attack Syria

January 30, 2014 at 1:49 pm

On Monday Turkey’s Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu denied that Israel used a Turkish airbase in its targeting of Syrian locations. Davutoglu said that these allegations are unfounded.

Davutoglu said in statements published by the Anadolu Agency that “Turkey will neither be a part nor a partner of such attacks. The ones who claim this want to damage Turkey’s power and reputation.”

Sources had told Russia Today that Israeli warplanes used an airbase in Turkey for its raid launched on July 5 from the direction of the sea and for targeting arms depots near Latakia to the north west of Syria.

Russia Today quoted the secretary of the Free Syrian Army’s Supreme Military Council Cl. Mostafa Abdel Karim as saying in a phone call from Turkey that what happened was not an air raid but a naval operation carried out by an Israeli submarine located in the Mediterranean Sea. According to information available to the Free Syrian Army it targeted Latakia arms depots in which Yakhont anti-ship missiles were stored, destroying five depots.

The colonel said that these raids are not in the interest of the Free Army, expressing his resentment of the attacks and adding that the incident has no effect on the situation on the ground.

Abdel Karim denied allegations that the Free Army and Cl. Malek Al Kordy provided coordinates to Israel so that it can target the raided sites. He stressed that Cl. Kordy would never do this because he cares about the wellbeing of Syrians.