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News agency: US, Israel worried about Russian-Egyptian rapprochement

January 30, 2014 at 10:00 am

The latest Russian-Egyptian rapprochement and new signs of cooperation between the two countries has aroused worries in the US, Israel and other regional powers, Anba Moscow reported.

The Russian news agency pointed out that the American response to the 30 June “revolution” in Egypt, which ousted Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi, has opened the door for Cairo to seek out other foreign partners and to reassess its relations with Washington.

In the region, Israel is the country that is worried the most about the Russian-Egyptian rapprochement and its outcomes. Remarks about reinforcing military cooperation between the two countries were released while their foreign and defence ministers met together for the first time.

Origins of Israel’s worries

When the US announced freezing part of its military aid to Egypt, the Israeli government expressed its concerns that this decision might affect Egypt’s obligation to the terms of the Camp David Peace Accords, especially as Egypt is currently involved in a war against “terrorism” in the north.

The military cooperation between Russia and Egypt could supply Egypt with the latest technologies far away from the lobbying groups close to the American administration.

Furthermore, Egypt has started to lay down a new complete and strategic vision for the region in light of the current changes and political equations regarding the Syrian crisis and Iran’s nuclear programme, as well as the other effective players in the regional and international arena.

Israeli recognises that Egypt is qualified to regain its role in the Middle East and the Arab and Islamic world, as well as in the African continent. It also recognises that its rapprochement with Russia reinforces Cairo’s regional and international role.

In addition, Israel recognises that Egypt can play a big role in the Palestinian issue, keeping the region free of WMD, reforming the UN and reinforcing its decisions, and putting an end to the domination of one nation over the whole world.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is thought to have discussed all of these issues with Russian President Vladimir Putin during his visit to Moscow on Wednesday.