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They slandered Hamas

January 30, 2014 at 1:27 am

There is no way that an honest resistance committed to protecting its country and people, or a pure resistance that has given thousands of its youth in their prime for over 25 years, such as Hamas could commit a malicious criminal act. Moreover, no logical person could believe such hateful lies and cowardly slander that only a traitor or a Zionist spy would say. The tale being told nowadays about the murder of Egyptian soldiers in Rafah was spun within the Israeli Mossad and cooked up by Zio-American intelligence. It is unfortunately being promoted in Mubarak’s media, who really hate Hamas, and conspired against the movement in 2008 by giving Israel the thumbs up to launch the war on Gaza after it failed to destroy it in the 2006 conspiracy planned by Mahmoud Abbas and the Mossad.


However, their schemes were not meant to succeed, their wars failed and Hamas came out of all these plots victorious and strong. This is what unsettles them and keeps them up at night, so they have now resorted to a new and more sinister plan; ruining Hamas’s reputation and transforming it from an honourable resistance movement respected by all, to a criminal gang or terrorist organizations in the eyes of the people. This horrible incident that appalled every Egyptian and this accusation was cooked up in their corrupt kitchens at a critical and important time, i.e. after President Mohammad Morsi came into office and the Muslim Brotherhood rose to power in Egypt. Mubarak, who detests the Muslim Brotherhood, caused Israel to mourn the loss of what they considered their strategic treasure. Whereas the Muslim Brotherhood have been their archenemy since the 1948 war when it caused them woes and Hamas continued to humiliate it and keep them worried and frightened.

This is just the latest incident in the series of schemes against the Islamic resistance movement, Hamas, after all their previous schemes failed. This scheme will succumb to the same fate as the ones before it, and Hamas will remain an honourable, pure, strong and proud resistance movement feared by Israelis, traitors and spies. We must not forget that over 200 members of the Palestinian preventative security fled Gaza after the 2006 scheme and their leader, Mohammed Dahlan, is living in the luxury of Dubai’s mansions planning the fall of Egypt, along with General Dhahi Khalfan. They are behind all the turmoil and chaos in Egypt, but Allah willing, their desperate attempts will fail.

I would like to remind you that when Israel failed to destroy Hezbollah in the 2006 war and was defeated, it resorted to the same malicious attempts to ruin its reputation and turn it from an honorable resistance movement into an armed militia that drains its opponents. The international intelligence agencies utilized their hellish media devices to accuse members of the movement of the assassination of the former Lebanese Prime Minister, Rafic Al-Hariri. This plummeted Lebanon into a spiral it is still spinning in; will Egypt fall into the same spiral? I say, once again, “they plot, but Allah plots and Allah is the best of plotters.”

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