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Conservative Shadow Foreign Secretary reaffirms condemnation of Israel's "Disproportionate" actions.

January 31, 2014 at 1:45 pm

MEMO has contacted the office of William Hague who has reaffirmed his stance that Israel acted in a “disproportionate” manner in the 2006 attack on Lebanon. Mr Hague is quoted as having said, “We have always maintained our view, as expressed in July 2006, that elements of the Israeli military action in Lebanon were disproportionate. We stand by that assessment.”

Meanwhile, the controversy created by this week’s Dispatches programme continues to reverberate. Accusations and counter-accusations are being made on all sides. While many have praised the Dispatches report for bravely shedding light on a lobby which is too little understood and certainly under investigated, Pro-Israel institutions in the UK have voiced their discontent with the programme and have levelled accusations of Anti-Semitism against many of the individuals and organisations involved in its production.

The Middle East Monitor (MEMO) sought a response from the Conservative party as to whether or not they were willing to return the donations made to them by Poju Zabludowicz in light of his admission on the Dispatches programme that he has financial interests in illegal West Bank settlements. The Party declined to respond.

They only issued a general statement stating that “Conservative Party decisions on foreign policy are made on the basis of our assessment of Britain’s national interest and we are never influenced by donors.”

This development comes amid Israel’s latest announcement to build 900 new housing units in Occupied Jerusalem – a decision that has brought world-wide condemnation including from its closest allies Britain and the US.