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Kerry foresees a relatively quick agreement with Iran

February 3, 2014 at 11:17 am

US Secretary of State John Kerry has said that a relatively quick agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue is possible to achieve.

During an interview with CBS News on Sunday, Kerry noted that Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani had suggested the possibility of achieving an agreement regarding Iran’s nuclear programme within three to six months. But Kerry added that such an agreement could even be achieved faster than that time, depending on Iran’s openness and clarity.

Kerry affirmed that any agreement would require Iran to take “rapid steps, clear and convincing steps, to live up to the international community’s requirements regarding peaceful nuclear programmes.” He continued that, “If it is a peaceful programme, and we can all see that – the whole world sees that – the relationship with Iran can change dramatically for the better and it can change fast.”

Kerry also pointed out that Iran could prove its credibility by opening up its nuclear facilities immediately to inspectors, which would confirm that it is keeping its efforts to enrich uranium at low levels that cannot be compatible with military use.