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Obama asks Netanyahu not to rebuke US over Iran's deal

February 3, 2014 at 10:32 am

A US newspaper has said that the American president Barack Obama has called for the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to stop candidly rebuking the temporary deal over Iran’s nuclear programme.

The Washington Post reported that Obama proposed that Netanyahu send an Israeli team to Washington in order to discuss with the Americans the strategy on how to prepare for the coming negotiations with Iran.

According to the newspaper, Israel are to discuss the issues regarding a comprehensive deal on Iran’s nuclear programme.

Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Post reported after a call with Obama that Netanyahu had agreed to send an Israeli team.

“We agreed that in the coming days an Israeli team, led by the national security adviser Yossi Cohen, will go out to discuss with the United States the permanent accord with Iran” Netanyahu said.

Netanyahu renewed Israel’s commitment to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons. He reiterated that he prefers a diplomatic solution to this issue.