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US warns young Israelis over illegal immigration

February 4, 2014 at 11:18 am

The US embassy in Tel Aviv has released a YouTube video targeted at young Israelis attempting to immigrate and work illegally in the United States, warning them that they could end up with lifetime bans from entering the country.
The documentary included interviews conducted with a group of Israeli youths who had attempted to gain entry to the US as tourists while intending to settle and work permanently in US territory. The embassy highlighted that this was a costly endeavour stating in its video that “What can follow is detention and a possible a court hearing followed by an immediate return to Israel along with a multi-year ban on future travels to the United States. We hope you’ll agree with them that the price of breaking U.S. immigration law is too high! Please stick to the law and have a great trip to the US”.

The video also warns that travel bans could range from five years to lifetime bans and US Embassy investigator in Tel Aviv, Charles Shannon, asserts that while over the past decade, thousands of Israelis have gone to the US to work illegally, the difference now is that US authorities are aware of the issue.