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Amnesty International confirms violation of Morsi's human rights

February 5, 2014 at 2:11 am

Amnesty International North Africa campaigner, Nicholas Piachaud has confirmed that Egypt’s President Mohammed Morsi’s human rights have been violated. Piachaud accused the Egyptian authorities of undermining Morsi, who is Egypt’s first democratically elected President, right to a fair trial.


Piachaud told Anadolu news agency that the first session of Morsi’s trial on Monday that “very worrying signs were observed from Monday’s short court session and the lead- up to it” pointing out that “the issue was not limited to the way Morsi was treated during the court session but rather to what he has witnessed since the military coup which ousted him on July 3”.


Piachaud said “for months, they’ve held him in conditions amounting to an enforced disappearance, without access to his family or lawyer. That’s a clear violation of Mohammed Morsi’s human rights”. Piachaud said “Morsi’s lawyers told us they were only able to get a copy of the 7,000 page case file on October 30th. The authorities also denied Morsi access to his lawyers while he was being interrogated and investigated by the public prosecution. That significantly undermined his right to a fair trial.”