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Egyptian Air Force officer exposes the military coup leaders


An Egyptian Air Force officer has made serious allegations against Egypt's military establishment for the first time.

These allegations include:

  • Israeli aircrafts were previously allowed to photograph Egypt, including the Aswan Dam. These operations were only stopped during the rule of President Morsi.
  • The Egyptian army has both the good and the corrupt, however General Al-Sisi covered up the military scandals during the Tantawi era.
  • Egypt's missile stockpiles are incomplete and Morsi was the first President to try to address this by sending military chiefs to Russia to purchase more missiles, however General Al-Sisi sought to undermine the deal.
  • Many army officers have been sentenced to three years in prison or expelled from the army merely because they grew facial beards.
  • Morsi was the first President to send the Egyptian Army into the Sinai to restore security. Previously, Egyptian forces had been limited by the Camp David Accords from deploying too heavily in the region.
  • General Al-Sisi is responsible for the 2012 operation during Ramadan that killed Egyptian soldiers and was used to undermine President Morsi and his government.
  • Three-quarters of Egypt's military personnel oppose the coup and wish to demonstrate in the squares.

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