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Guidance Council member Ibrahim Munir: No force on earth can end the presence of the Muslim Brotherhood

February 5, 2014 at 10:10 am

Ibrahim Munir, a member of the Guidance Council of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, has stressed that Monday’s court ruling to disband the group and ban all its activities is not unexpected because it had been ready since the 3 July military coup against legitimacy.

In a phone conversation with Al Jazeera’s Mubasher Misr satellite television channel, Munir commented on the ruling that disbands the Muslim Brotherhood as well as its NGOs. He pointed out that throughout its 85-year history, the group has been criminalized, its members have been arrested, and its funds have been confiscated; however, none of these impediments has affected the status of the group.

Munir stressed that despite the crackdown, arrests and executions, the group always persevered, and it has increasingly prevailed. It is present on the Egyptian street and among all classes of Egyptian society.

He added that the Muslim Brotherhood is alive and it will continue to serve its country regardless of the sacrifices made by its members and the price they have they pay, including arrests and the confiscation of funds. The group will continue to stand strong in the face of the coup, its judiciary and misleading media.

Munir stressed that no force on earth can exclude the Muslim Brotherhood or terminate its existence, as Brotherhood members continue to give everything to their homeland. Munir also added that the Brotherhood is the largest landmark of Islamic work around the world, not to mention the largest non-governmental organization.

On Monday, the Cairo Court for Urgent Matters issued an injunction disbanding the Muslim Brotherhood, banning its activities and confiscating its assets along with the assets of its members.