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Itihadiya victims' families accuse former Egyptian Interior Minister of murder

February 5, 2014 at 2:11 am

The families of victims who died during clashes outside the Itihadiya presidential palace in December 2012 have condemned a decision by Egyptian authorities to exclude the names of eight out of the ten victims. The names are being excluded due to their political affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood. The families said the decision would not deter them from prosecuting those responsible for the murder of their sons.

The families’ of Itihadiya victims association said in a statement “the family of Yaser Mohammed Ibrahim who fell during the clashes has openly accused Egypt’s former interior minister, Ahmed Gamal el Din and Hamdeen Sabbahi, Amr Moussa and Wael al Abrashi of murdering their son. However, the authorities wanted to settle scores with the legitimate President and the Brotherhood and thus excluded his name from the list of victims”. The Association reiterated its demands to halt the trial in order to include the names of the eight victims in order to prosecute the real criminals.

Marwa Zakaria, the wife of Yasser Mohammed Ibrahim who died in the Suez during the Itihadiya Palace clashes said she would not give up the victims’ rights and would continue her legal struggle until all murderers are brought to justice. Zakaria stressed that excluding the victims’ names is evidence of Egypt’s judicial authority’s plight under the military rule.