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Morsi and other Brotherhood officials to stand trial on espionage charges

February 5, 2014 at 1:23 am

Ousted President Mohamed Morsi is going to be charged with “conspiring with foreign organisations” by the Cairo Criminal Court, it has been announced by the coup authorities. Attorney General Hisham Barakat is also referring Mohamed Badi’, the movement’s supreme guide, and his two deputies along with other senior officials on the same charges.

After investigations, the attorney general’s office told Reuters, it has been concluded that “the international organisation of the Muslim Brotherhood had carried out acts of terrorist violence in Egypt to spread chaos”. In a statement, the legal officials accused the brotherhood of “preparing” a terrorist plot. “This was in conjunction with the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, and the Lebanese Hezbollah,” they claimed.

President Morsi and the rest of the Muslim Brotherhood leadership refuse to recognise the legitimacy of the trial and consider it a political conspiracy following the military coup in July.