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Muslim Brotherhood says Egyptians will protect the President at any cost

February 5, 2014 at 2:11 am

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood has avowed that the Egyptian people will not abandon their freedom, dignity and values and will march against the frivolous and oppressive trial of their President. They will prove, to the world, that they will pursue their grievances and will not abandon the fight for legitimacy at any cost for as long as it takes.

The Brotherhood said that “Egypt’s legitimate President, Mohamed Morsi, is no longer a common man but has became a symbol of dignified principles and values which humanity has established through thousands of sacrifices. Morsi has become a source of pride for those who respect and adhere to these principles. Yet, the coup leaders want to restrict these values in order to exploit Egypt through their corruption and looting”.

The Brotherhood denounced the kidnapping and imprisonment of the legitimate President who “represents the Egyptians’ free will, after they elected him as their first civilian President. The coup seeks to prosecute the legitimate President on fabricated charges… In this case, treason is prosecuting the legitimate rulers and a dictatorship prosecutes democracy; corruption prosecutes integrity; thugs prosecute victims and the coup leaders prosecute the people’s will.”