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Tunisian political rivals reach agreement

February 5, 2014 at 2:12 am

Tunisia’s Islamist Al-Nahda Party and opposition groups have signed an agreement to form a new government made up of independents within weeks. The deal eases the country’s political crisis sparked by the assassination of opposition leader Mohammad Brahmi in July.

The ruling tripartite coalition in Tunisia is made up of Al-Nahda and Ettakatol (Democratic Forum for Labour and Liberties), who have signed the agreement, and their secular ally, the Congress for the Republic (CPR), which has refused to do so. The country’s major opposition parties, the Nidaa Tunis Party (The Call of Tunisia) and the Labour Party, have both signed up to the deal.

According to the agreement, a technocrat government will replace the current government, with an independent prime minister. The members of the new government will not be allowed to stand in the forthcoming elections but will enjoy full powers to run the country.