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Shafiq reveals details of a phone call with Interior Minister

February 6, 2014 at 11:58 pm

Egypt’s former presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq revealed on Sunday details of a phone conversation between him and General Mohamed Ibrahim, the current Minister of Interior who also served under deposed President Mohamed Morsi. According to Shafiq, a mutual friend had contacted him saying that the Interior Minister wished to speak to him.

Shafiq explained during an interview with the “10 pm” program broadcast by Egyptian television station Dream that he agreed to the call, which he then described as intense and full of admonitions. According to Shafiq, he told Ibrahim that: “The Interior ministry’s reputation had never reached worse levels before you. How do you allow the arrest and torture of people in prisons? How do you allow violence in front of Ittihadiya and stand there watching, not doing anything to interfere or stop them?” referring to the clashes that broke out in July between pro and anti-coup protesters.

According to Shafiq, Ibrahim replied that, “I am not responsible for the first incident in front of Ittihadiya, however during the second incident some individuals threw Molotov cocktails.”

Shafiq questioned the army and police’s neutrality during these events, saying, “It is a farce. How did they stand on the side lines while the entire Egyptian people stood in front of an armed and impudent group,” referring to the Muslim Brotherhood, suggesting the group is an enemy of the people. He added that, “The two parties are not equal.”

Shafiq explained how he had told the former interior minister before ending the call that: “Take care during the coming days: mark my words.”

He is predicting that the terrorist wave would continue for at least another eight to ten months, explaining that his expectations are based on his experiences and are usually confirmed.

Shafiq is also refusing reconciliation with the Muslim Brotherhood, describing any settlement with them to be an “infidelity” following the massacres they have committed.