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Brotherhood leader criticises national, regional and international positions on the massacres

February 7, 2014 at 3:30 pm

Senior Muslim Brotherhood leader Esam El-Erian has criticised the “humanitarian and ethical failure” of national, regional and international institutions which did not prevent the massacre of pro-Morsi protesters. Blaming the Egyptian police, army, judiciary, Public Prosecution, local government and all institutions affiliated to the coup regime, he also condemned “regional Arab regimes” which “conspired to undermine freedom, human rights, Shura and democracy”.

El-Erian also criticised the human rights organisations which have remained silent about the massacres in Cairo on Wednesday. “UN human rights chief Navi Pillay has not,” he claimed, “uttered a word yet.”

The so-called international community has broken down, wrote El-Erian on his Facebook page. “That failure was clear in the approach to the crisis in Syria and has become clearer with the bloodshed here in Egypt.” Nevertheless, he said that he does not expect the military regime to last for any length of time. “Justice and democracy will prevail.”

The Brotherhood leader was critical of Reuters which, he claimed, has been “subjective” in its coverage of the crisis in Egypt. “It has been lying since the beginning,” he added.