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Egyptian authority describes Muslim Brotherhood as 'fascists' and Hamas as 'terrorists'


Spokesman of the interim Egyptian presidency Ihab Badawi has said that the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) attempted to set up a "theocratic fascist regime" and described the Palestinian Islamist Movement Hamas as MB's "terrorist" branch in Palestine.

Speaking to France 3, Badawi called for the neighbouring countries, including Israel, to support Egyptian efforts to get Egypt "back to democracy".

Badawi drew a connection between Hamas in Gaza and the MB in Egypt, saying: "Hamas is the Palestinian branch of the MB. Hamas is widely considered as a terrorist organisation. MB is characterised as being a victim."

Badawi confirmed that removing the MB from authority in Egypt has weakened Hamas, which is ruling about 1.8million residents in the besieged Gaza Strip. "Of course, there is quite a damage that took place having the biggest Arab country (removed) as an ally to such a movement."

Despite thousands of deaths and the closure of tens of anti-coup television stations, Badawi described what is going on in Egypt as an effort to get back to democracy. He called for Egyptians to commit to the policy of the current authority.

"This government responds to the will of Egyptian people," he said. "We extend our hands to all of those committed to our values: democracy and freedom of expression."

France 3 broadcaster Christian Malard asked Badawi to send a last message to Egypt's neighbouring countries, including Israel. Badawi clearly said that if these countries can support the policy of the current government, they are appreciated.

"I have no specific message to any specific country," Badawi said. "Everybody knows that we have one priority at the moment: responding to the will of the Egyptian people and getting Egypt back to democracy. For those who can help, we only ask for their support."

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