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Morsi rejected three US demands to support strike against Syria

February 7, 2014 at 2:50 pm

Egyptian scholar Dr Salah Sultan has revealed that ousted President Mohamed Morsi refused three requests from US Secretary of State John Kerry to support an American strike against Syria. “President Morsi surmised that a strike would affect both the Syrian army and the people,” said Sultan. “They fear the success of the resistance in case its fighters seize regime weapons and threaten Israel.”

The scholar stressed his belief that the plans to attack Syria are all about US and Israeli interests: “They are nothing to do with moral principles by any stretch of the imagination.”

He pointed out that over the past two and a half years more than 200,000 Syrians have been killed, nearly a million have been wounded and three million have sought refuge outside Syria, in addition to the displacement of seven million within the country. Why, he wondered, is Syria suddenly getting all of this attention?

“President Morsi told me directly in June that he had refused three requests from John Kerry for an American strike on Syria which was intended to protect Israel,” he added. “I believe that Morsi’s refusal to sanction such an attack, along with his declaration in Cairo before millions of young people that jihad in Syria is the right path and there is no place for Hezbollah there, accelerated the plans for the coup which overthrew him.” The expulsion of the Syrian ambassador and Morsi’s warning to Iran also have to be taken into account said the academic.

Sultan noted that the Egyptian army’s crackdown on anti-coup opponents and the massacres have not prompted the same sort of outcry which the gas attack in Syria has. That, he suggests, is because the Israelis are calling the shots. Chaos and the killing of Islamists in Egypt suits the Israeli agenda, as does the continuation and escalation of the conflict in Syria, which would surely happen if an attack takes place. “Israeli security is the main aim, as is the protection of Assad the Butcher, their loyal man in Damascus.”

He referred to the statement made by Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, on August 20: “If we wanted, meaning close allies America and Saudi Arabia, to overthrow the Assad regime, we could have done this within a week.”

Drawing attention to the fact that the focus on Syria now diverts world attention from the bloody coup in Egypt, Sultan called for action against the US and Israel and their Arab allies who will foot the bill for the destruction and fragmentation of non-compliant Arab states.