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Calls to prosecute Al-Sisi on charges of treason for negligence of the Egypt's sovereignty

February 8, 2014 at 2:13 am

Following the Israeli attack on the Egyptian Sinai the Council of Trustees for the Revolution has called for the prosecution of the military coup leaders on charges of treason and negligence of the country’s sovereignty.


The Council expressed its extreme displeasure over the attack on Egyptian territory. It pointed out that Israel would not have considered such an attack while President Mohammed Morsi was in office. The Council affirmed that it held the coup leaders and General Al-Sisi in particular responsible for the incident.

Mohammad Farooq, a member of the Revolution’s Council read out a statement at Rabaa Al Adawiya Square last night saying that the Egyptian people would try the coup leaders on charges of treason for “the crime” of allowing foreign aircrafts to fly into Egyptian airspace without the knowledge of the General Command of the Armed Forces. Farooq said the incident demonstrates that the army’s involvement in politics had seriously affected its ability to perform its natural duties of protecting the country’s borders and territorial integrity.