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Nigerians express anger over internet "spying"

February 8, 2014 at 2:46 pm

The Nigerian opposition and mass media have expressed their anger over a $40m contract between Nigerian President Jonathan Goodluk and an Israeli company to spy on citizens, especially journalists, through the Internet, Egyptian newspaper Al-Shorouk said on Friday.

Several Nigerian newspapers, including the widespread daily Punch, reported “this unprecedented step is dangerous because it violates people’s private lives.”They described the agreement as illegal and called for the government to cancel it.

The Conference Party, who are from the opposition, accused President Jonathan and the government of breaching the right to privacy by signing the agreement.

In a statement, party leader Lai Mohamed warned the government against its continuous violations of civil rights and citizen’s private lives, especially journalists, by spying on them.

Several days ago Nigerian newspapers reported that President Nathan signed an agreement with the Israeli company Al-Bayt from Haifa, Israel (occupied Palestine in 1948).

The Israeli company said that it would offer the latest spying technology to Nigeria and its intelligence.