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Hamas pays tribute to Mandela

February 10, 2014 at 10:59 am

The Islamic Resistance Movement; Hamas has paid tribute to Nelson Mandela saying he was one of the most important symbols of freedom in the world. A member of Hamas political bureau; Mousa Abu Marzouk said “Mandela was one of the main supporters of the Palestinian cause and his case is very similar to the Palestine question. Mandela spent all of his youth in prison to be freed when his people gained their freedom”.

Abu Marzouk said via his Facebook account “when Mandela read the notorious Oslo agreement; he said I was offered a similar agreement thirty years ago and I refused it. Mandela’s departure is a grave loss for his family; his people, to Palestine and the world’s freedom-loving people”.

South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma announced Nelson Mandela’s death on Friday morning after a long battle with illness.

The South African Leader is remembered as an icon in modern history for his struggle against South Africa’s apartheid regime. He has led South Africa during the transitional period when the white minority transferred power to the black majority in the 1990s after spending twenty-seven years in prison. The Nobel Peace Prize laureate called his people to reconcile after fall of the apartheid regime.

According to the BBC correspondents Mandela is to be buried in Pretoria on Saturday.