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Israel launches air strike against Lebanon

February 13, 2014 at 12:32 am

Israeli forces launched an air strike on the Al-Nama neighbourhood between Sidon and Beirut in Lebanon on Friday. The spokesman of the Israeli forces said that the intended target was precisely attacked.

The spokesman affirmed that the Israeli strike came as a response to the launch of four rockets from Lebanon the day before. The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command (PFLP – GC) said that the Israeli strike targeted its office and caused much damage.

PFLP-GC spokesman Ramez Mostafa expressed his shock at the Israeli strike against his movement’s offices in response to the rocket launch. “The side which launched the rockets announced its responsibility and it has no offices in Al-Nama neighbourhood,” he said.

Mostafa noted that the PFLP-GC would respond to the strike on its offices, but “in the appropriate time and place.”

Meanwhile, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz said that the Israeli forces have launched an investigation onto the failure of the Iron Dome defence system to intercept the four rockets. Military reports in Israel said that only one of the four rockets was intercepted, while two landed in a populated area.

Israeli military sources, the newspaper said, had previously warned of the inability of the Iron Dome to intercept heavy numbers of rockets launched on Israeli targets. The sources also noted that Hezbollah owns a very large number of short and long range rockets.

The sources affirmed that in any potential war in the future, Iron Dome would not provide complete protection against “enemy” rockets.